"To describe Amy's creativity as 'lightning in a bottle' would irresponsibly convey a false sense of security. Just put on your bomb goggles and let 'er rip." —JM

"Do you drink coffee, Red Bull, Monster or are you always that lovely and energetic? You’re a keyboard warrior!" —Some Guy

"Amy is a breath of fresh air. From the moment she joined the team her passion and commitment showed in every aspect of her work. Always available, never too busy for a question and completely humble when it comes to the amazing quality of her work." —EC

"My life is better for having met Amy. Her kind-hearted honesty never ceases to put a smile on my face. Her courage, candor, and comedy inspire me to be a better person. Who could ask for more?" —JN

"Total sweetheart. Funny, but not as funny as me. Amy's creativity and attitude are always on fire. A pleasure to know." —KS