I pick my paragraphs.

Words are my favorite thing. Some people call me a wordsmith. I used to be a designer. I meander. I write. I make things pretty. I make things work. My left and right brains quarrel and spat.

I have a masters degree in tinkering with design and technology from the University of Sydney and a bachelor of architecture from the University of Kansas. Making tiny buildings is one of those random skills I've learned that is most useless and most fun. There can be no more worthy purpose in having gone to architecture school than this.

In another lifetime back when I was awfully young, I had a full piano studio and was a successful teacher. It was a happy accident that turned into a successful career. If you have a piano, I may press a few keys. 

I spent two years as an internal support lead, expert and prolific emailer for a trendy startup. You may have heard of them. They called me the customer whisperer.

I spend all of my free time and most of my taken time with him.

amy(at)brightandbonvivant.com will get you me; try it out.