When you write up a political post and your browser shuts down and Squarespace deletes every unsaved word you wrote (that is, every word you wrote), you know that you're probably not meant to post it. Well played, internet.

This year is going to be a year of learning for me. Reading. It's been many years since I've written my reading list down at the end of the year, and the truth of the reason for that is because I haven't read enough books each year to even make a list. But as my voice has left me and fights to find a way back, and as our nation goes through some strange and scary times, I find that what I want to do more than anything is hunker down and read. I want to educate myself, be more prepared with wit and intellect because I'm feeling out of sorts and unable to really say the things I think or know the things I feel with everything going on right now. And I want to read the voices of others who wrote before me, to see if it jogs my own voice back out of hiding.

So this year I have promised to myself to read more. Read fiction. Read nonfiction. Read history. Read magazines. Read politics. Read current events. Read poetry. Read mythology. Read religion. Read everything I can possibly soak up with what little free time I have.

My hope is that by the end of the year, even if I haven't found my voice, I'll at least have something to say.